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27 mars 2011

Obama and Democracy in Cote d'Ivoire

March 25, 2011 - President Obama addresses a speech to the Ivorian People. I guess he intended to make his speech heartwarming and hopeful but given the comments this video received on youtube, it seems that he barely failed.

After listening to his speech, I had to share the following comment: "What does Pt Obama think of the thousands of Ivorians that demonstrated yesterday in Abidjan? The elections are still considered as "free and fair", I understand any election in Africa and anywhere in the world should follow the Ivorian model with violences, massive frauds, deaths, etc. This is a fake idea of Democracy." (Madrinina)

I also listed below 10 of the most meaningful comments (out of over 500) on YouTube. They are representative of YouTube users' thoughts towards Obama's speech:

  • I will say it one more time for the slow people: I dislike Ouattara and his friend Gbagbo. The Ivorian people are suffering right now. Why? Not because they prefer Gbagbo over Ouattara; just because countries like France have asked french banks to shut down without notice, have placed embargo on medicines. This kind of resolutions are backward, completely absurd. Patients are dying every day because there are no medicines. Are Ivorians supposed to thanks Ouattara for doing that.
  • you say that''the election was free and democratic.''This is the case in the southern half of the country. But in the northern half under control of the armed rebellion, there was rape, intimidation dies, targeted assassinations, ballot stuffing, voting impediments of all who were suspected of supporting Laurent Gbagbo.Alors why ignore these serious anti-democratic tendencies.
  • Sir Obama, I don't feel disappointed by your foreign policy especially in Côte d'Ivoire. For you are serving the interest of your country, so be it. But what freezes my blood inside, is your hypocrisy. And with such a cynism. You pretend to defend civilians from whom? Excuse me sir, but when you don't know about something , just close it. You even support embargo over medecines from EU towards CI. Thanks, but we don't need your devilish hand right here. Nice day to you sir.
  • obama, you told us that it's important to hear our voice, especially when we do not agree with you:


  • I am an AMERICAN CITIZEN also, i voted for you in 2008, i used to believed that you are a REAL DEMOCRAT and for that you will apply real DEMOCRACY to war crisis in Africa and all over the world but instead you are following the footstep of your idole "Georges Bush" it 's all about interest and your OIL war. You don't care about the life of millions of innocents people getting KILLED by the rebels in the Ivory Coast everyday. But NEXT election 2012 you ain't getting my VOTE. You can FUCK OFF NOW
  • Dear President Obama Mr. Ouattara is threatening ivorian everyday but you can't see because your advisor doesn't want you to see that .

    I strongly believe on your judgement and i know that if you know the truth you will make the correct statement . Please don't regret later your support to Allassane Ouattara. How can someone who claims to love his country will push embargo on drugs that people needs everyday.

  • You guys(US UN, EU ) the so called international community been deeply involved in electoral mass frauds in Afghanistan 2 years ago. It took the UN about a year to admit the frauds now rather than cleaning your previous mess you repeat the same fraud and bring your stupid Freemason new world order speech in her ? Mind your business fool.....
  • Mr. President Obama, I see something dubious with this video. Ab initio, you have supported Quattara because he is married to a Jewish woman who has ties with George Soros the British Agent who runs your campaign. Ivory Coast is neither for sale nor shall it be auctioned to the highest bidder.
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  • Pfffff

    En tout cas, sa vision de la situation actuelle est clairement affichée et définie. En gros Gbgagbo et son camp sont des assassins qui tuent des innocents et qui veulent plonger leur pays dans l'autarcie complète et Ouattara est le Leader et Sauveur qui va apporter la lumière en Côte d’Ivoire, en la faisant prospérer et en lui donnant une place importante dans le monde.

    C'est l'exemple classiquement typique de l'allégorie du bien et du mal. GBagbo Le Méchant, Ouattara Le Gentil. Ce qui est dommage c'est que c'est ce message et donc, c'est cette vision caricaturiste et honteusement réductrice de la situation en Côte d’Ivoire, que des millions de gens, partout dans le monde, vont avoir.

    Voici donc la vision des choses que veut faire accepter Mr Obama au monde entier... Heureusement qu'ils existent encore des personnes sur tous les réseaux sociaux et blogs pour continuer à bien replacer les choses dans leur contexte et continuer d'expliquer que tout n'est pas aussi simple que ca. Tjr au Front !

    Posté par CenTinel, 28 mars 2011 à 10:55
  • Negativ Speech

    In any case, his vision of the current situation is clearly shown and defined. Wholesale Gbgagbo and his camp are murderers who kill innocent people and who want to plunge their country into complete self-sufficiency and Ouattara is the leader and savior who will bring light in Côte d'Ivoire, making it grow and giving an important place in the world.

    This is a typical example of the allegory of good and evil. The Naughty Gbagbo, The Kind Ouattara. What is unfortunate is that this is the message and therefore, this is the cartoonist and shamefully simplistic vision of the situation in Côte d'Ivoire, that millions of people around the world will have.

    Here is the vision that Mr. Obama wants to accept the world ... Fortunately they are still people on all social networks and blogs to continue well put things in perspective and continue to explain that all is not as simple as that.

    Still in Front! WAKE UP PEOPLE MIND !!

    Posté par CenTinel, 28 mars 2011 à 11:01
  • Superbe, merci

    Posté par esta online, 22 décembre 2013 à 00:47

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